Maryland Major Soccer League

Policy and League EXpectations 2021-22


Welcome-Policy - Expectation - Spring 2022

All Maryland Major Soccer League Managers (and Players if requested by League staff) shall complete a COVID-19 Health Assessment when requested. Managers (or players) may be asked to complete COVID-19 Health Assessments on a regular basis. Failure to not complete a COVID-19 health assessment is grounds for the League to levy fines, prevent you from playing or managing, or levying other discipline as needed.

The health, safety, and wellness of all involved with the MMSL is top priority.

All Players will comply with all MMSL rules and policy.


Thank you again for your patience. We needed that extra time to work through a few challenges. Now, we are ready to KICK OFF the new FALL 2021 SEASON this Sunday 9/19th. 



The following contract of the Maryland Major Soccer League outlines the policies and procedures of the period of Spring to 2022, each player, manager, and additional staff should review the necessary functions as it’s mandatory and sign as an agreement to the policies and procedures that will be implemented throughout the 2021 to 2022 season. 

Policy and procedures

Maryland Major Soccer League’s priority is to project a professional image; therefore, it will be mandatory to receive permission/approval from the commissioner to upload images, that must project a positive image of Maryland Major Soccer League. The commissioner will review the requested content, once the commission approves the content, you will be contacted through email and/or text that the requested content is approved. 


Covered Individuals – All leagues, teams, players, referees, employees and independent contractors associated with any state association of SRA

Social Media – Any form of online media or use of sites that apply technology to facilitate social interaction, including, but not limited to profiles, commentary, writings, photographs, images, logos, and audio or video files posted on outlets including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, My Space, Tik Tok, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, Wikis, blogs, podcasts, message boards and websites.

Content – All material posted on social media, including links to other websites.

Entity – Any leagues, teams and players affiliated with any state association, including but not limited to Officers, Trustees, Life Members, Servants, Employees, Agents, Referees and Contractors.


Prohibited Conduct:

1. Displaying or transmitting content via Social Media in a manner that reasonably could be construed as an official public communication of any state association entity or attributed to any state association entity.

2. Using any state association's or state association's entity's logo, mark, or written, photographic, video or audio property in any way that might indicate an affiliated league, team or player’s approval of content, create confusion as to attribution or jeopardize an entity, league and/or team’s legal rights with respect to a logo or mark.

3. Linking to the website of any state association entity on any Social Media outlet in any way that might indicate a state association's entity’s approval of the content or create confusion as to attribution.

4. Displaying or transmitting content that contains trade secrets, confidential or proprietary business information of any state association entity or its agents, including, for example, internal reports, the development of systems, processes and products, internal business-related confidential communications, strategic information, financial information, etc., and confidential information related to an employee, such as medical/health information and personally identifiable information (e.g., Social Security numbers, account numbers, etc.).

5. Displaying, transmitting or posting content that reasonably could be construed as condoning the use of any substance prohibited by any state association's drug program.

6. Displaying, transmitting or posting content that questions the impartiality of or otherwise denigrates any state association, affiliated league, team, player or State Referee Association (SRA) referee or any referee who officiates any USSF, league officials, regional and/or US Soccer affiliated and sanctioned game or any conduct that is detrimental to the state association and/or affiliated leagues and/or teams.

7. Displaying or transmitting content that reasonably could be viewed as discriminatory, bullying and/or harassing based on race, color, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, religion, or other categories protected by law and/or which would not be permitted in the workplace, including, but not limited to, content that could contribute to a hostile work environment (e.g., slurs, obscenities, stereotypes) or reasonably could be viewed as retaliatory.

8. Displaying, transmitting or posting Content that threatens or advocates the use of violence against an individual or group of individuals, Affiliated Leagues and Teams, including Referees.

9. Displaying, transmitting or posting Content that contains obscene, offensive or sexually explicit language, images, or acts.

10. Displaying or transmitting Content that violates applicable local, state or federal law or regulations.


Fines and Penalty for Social Media Policy Violations:

Posting, transmitting or displaying any content on social media is an extension of the playing field/pitch. As such, any inappropriate content that is considered in violation of the Social Media Policy will be viewed as if the comments were made on the field and dealt with in a manner that the League or state association views as appropriate within their discretion.

Multiple violations by any person will be dealt with and viewed in an appropriate manner in the sole discretion of the League or relevant state association.

Not following the policy and procedures will result in fines, suspensions, and/or separation of the league. All players will receive warning for their first offensive. The second the offense will result in a fine up to $500 to be paid immediately. If the fine is not paid by the predetermined date will lead to suspension to be determine by the commissioner. If suspension is not adhere to then the offender, manager and the commissioner will meet to begin the process of the offender to be separated from the league.